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Meet the RCE’s 2023 Summer Interns

Meet our Summer 2023 RCE Greater Atlanta Interns! They’ll be doing some great work for the RCE this summer and can’t wait to make an impact. Read more to learn about their work and their individual perspectives on sustainability.

Amani Allen-Beale

Amani Allen-Beale

Amani is a third-year student at Georgia Gwinnett College studying Environmental Science with a concentration in Law and Social Sciences. As an intern for the RCE, she plans to coordinate the next 2023-2024 fellowship program and connect more community organizations with the people of the community. During her time here, Amani will also work with Southview Cemetery to provide educational materials for the community of Atlanta, GA, linking history and culture to the SDGs.

Devonte Billings

Devonte is a third-year Computer Science major at Georgia Tech concentrating in People and Information Internetworks. At RCE Greater Atlanta, he will serve as the Student Coordinator for Student Engagement. Throughout the summer, he will aim to connect the RCE to a widespread college audience of student individuals, groups and organizations.

Perrin Brady

Perrin is a fourth-year History, Technology, and Society major at Georgia Tech with a minor in Sustainable Cities. She is passionate about sociology and sustainably city planning, and hopes to begin making an impact this summer! Perrin is working in Marketing and Communications for RCE Greater Atlanta as well as student engagement. She values RCE GA’s emphasis on equity in sustainability, since it can be forgotten when tech and innovation are the only examples shown of sustainability.

Mark Lannaman

Mark Lannaman is a graduate student finishing his degree in Sustainable Energy & Environmental Management. He functions as the Youth Engagement coordinator for RCE Greater Atlanta and is working on getting various youth programs ready this summer for an exciting school year. He feels sustainability cannot be achieved in any one field alone and that it's important to appreciate multidisciplinary perspectives in any given situation to have the greatest positive impact.