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Advancing Justice for All


The Advancing Justice for All Action Group advances community-based work that furthers sustainable environmental solutions using an equity and justice lens. This Action Group will work to ensure that the RCE Greater Atlanta prioritizes inclusive, equitable, and multi-sectoral projects that advance education and action on the 17 UN SDGS.

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Ongoing Projects

Equity Checklist

Checklist for equitable actions by the RCE Action Groups on their governance, daily activities and planning.

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  • Miné Hashas-Degertekin,
  • Taylor Spicer,
  • Pamela Fann (She / Her) (Impact Energy),
  • Equity Advocacy

    A multi Institutional Policy Group to work with local community and policy makers for more Equitable policy development in Atlanta and GA

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  • Pamela Fann (She / Her) (Impact Energy),
  • Taylor Spicer,
  • Lightning Networking Talks Series

    Various organizations, faculty, researchers, non-profits, student groups or companies from various disciplines talking shortly about their Equity projects and leading discussion for future partnerships, collaborations, resource and know-how sharing, etc. in 10 minutes. The speaker series is initiated in 2022 to establish new collaborations for existing or to form new projects among the speakers and members of the AJFA Action Group. A new project will start in the Fall 2022 with collaborations established on existing work of some speakers and prior plans of AJFA as a result of this speakers series.

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  • Miné Hashas-Degertekin (She / Her) (Kennesaw State),
  • Emma Slater (She / Her) (Georgia Tech),
  • Pamela Fann (She / Her) (Impact Energy),
  • Past Projects

    Drawdown Georgia/Equity

    Examine the 20 solutions proposed by Drawdown Georgia and come up with recommendations for all.

    Co-led with Business Engagement Action Group

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    Learn more about Drawdown Georgia's solutions!

    Read About New Report Regarding Equity


  • Michael Oxman (Business Engagement Co-leader),
  • Anne Heard (Advancing Justice for All Co-leader),

  • Coordinator: Rebecca Watts Hull,

    Equity Principles

    “In the context of RCE activities, it is important to recognize that equity is a culture, not just a single policy. We recognize that achieving equity is a journey that requires us to exercise principled behavior to determine and achieve our goals. We embrace and acknowledge equity as a foundational and guiding tenet of our work. The following principles help us ensure our actions and projects contribute to the development of a just and equitable society”

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  • Anne Heard
  • Equity Principles Final Report


  • Anne Heard, Atlanta Metropolitan State College
  • Pamela Fann, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Amari Foster, Transformation Alliance Atlanta
  • Taylor Spicer, Emory University, Wren’s Nest Project
  • Audrey Rader and Izze Canales, University of Georgia, MARC and Project Take Charge(Youth Engagement)
  • Unwanna Etuk, Atlanta Green Market Fair
  • Blake Engelhard, Goodr Co.
  • Emma Slater, GaTech, Use of Marine Energy (Youth Engagement)
  • Clare McCarthy & Jack Miklaucic, co-leaders of Emory Climate Coalition
  • Blythe Coleman-Mumford & Cami Sockow, Climate Programs Regional Managers for Second Nature
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    If you have questions about the Advancing Justice for All Action Group, feel free to reach out to the Leads: