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Business Engagement


The Business Engagement Action Group represents businesses, nonprofits, universities, and local government offices dedicated to increasing knowledge of and action on Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals within Greater Atlanta’s corporate sector. Our goal is to help businesses see the value proposition in the RCE Greater Atlanta, so they will participate and contribute in ways that advance the SDGs and help them achieve their corporate sustainability goals. We envision a thriving community of engaged practitioners who see the RCE Greater Atlanta as a means for recruiting and developing talent, accessing expertise and resources, raising awareness, and sharing best practices. Longer-term, we see the RCE becoming a collaborative platform for higher impact corporate investment and partnerships.

Ongoing Projects

Drawdown Georgia/Equity

Examine the 20 solutions proposed by Drawdown Georgia and come up with recommendations for all

Co-led with Advancing Justice for All Action Group

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  • Michael Oxman (Business Engagement Co-leader), [email protected]
  • Anne Heard (Advancing Justice for All Co-leader), [email protected]

  • Coordinator: Rebecca Watts Hull, [email protected]

    Learn more about Drawdown Georgia's solutions!

    Knowledge Hub of Sustainability

    Creating a web-based sustainability platform aimed at providing an interactive experience to users through visualization tools that display data in an organized and clean dashboard

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    Lead: Bernie Burgener, [email protected]

    Speakers Bureau

    A pool of sustainability experts who volunteer to give their time, sharing their expertise and experience around the practical aspects of sustainability

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    Lead: Bernie Burgener, [email protected]

    Co-lead: Destinee Whitaker [email protected]

    Youth Mentorship Program

    Works to connect students from across the Greater Atlanta area with a variety of mentors from industry, non-profits, and academic backgrounds

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  • Scott Sadler: [email protected], 404-307-3003
  • Megan Dufresne, [email protected]

  • Learn more about the Youth Mentorship Program!

    Civic Dinners

    Civic Dinners host monthly conversations to discuss current, important issues.

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  • Adair Garrett, [email protected]
  • Ayda Melika, [email protected]
  • Monica Sierra Aparicio, [email protected]

  • Learn more about Civic Dinners!

    Green Tipping Point

    Mobilizing our multi-stakeholder RCE network to support community preservation and prosperity, centering the participation and voices of legacy residents in support of equitable and green neighborhood development.

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  • Jenny Hirsch, (Advancing Justice for All lead) [email protected]
  • Nancy Larson, (Business Engagement lead) [email protected]
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    If you have questions about the Business Engagement Action Group, feel free to reach out to the Leads: