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K-12 Engagement

K-12 Engagement & SDG Curriculum Development Action Group

The K-12 Action Group works to advance K-12 education on the SDGs and their impact on the RCE Greater Atlanta community through an equity and justice lens by:

1) identifying existing formal, non-formal, and informal education programs related to sustainability education and the SDGs
2) sharing existing curricula and materials through a common platform
3) developing additional curricula to fill gaps.

Our work together so far has revealed that there are quite a few programs that already exist – but people rarely know about each other’s programs. By bringing these together, we can partner together to have a greater impact.

Contact Us!

If you have questions about the K-12 Action Group, feel free to reach out to the Leads:

2021 Agenda

  1. Pilot Project Proposal - "Global Goals Lab" to be submitted & shared with the group on March 30th, 2021.
  2. K-12 Youth Engagement - Project Support Network
  3. Continue with "Sustainable Coffee TALK Series"
  4. Exploring better ways of communicating with our members such as creating Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Form platforms for K-12 Action Group and also support from a volunteer college student.

Spring 2021 Events

Check out the Events Calendar page to stay updated on the latest information on upcoming events.

  • March 19th, 2021: Women's Empowerment Rountable Summit (Sustainable Coffee Talks 3), 9am - 12pm EST
  • March 24th, 2021: First K-12 Action Group Meeting, 3-4pm EST
Sustainable Coffee TALK Series 3 - Women's Empowerment Roundtable Summit Flyer. Click to view.

K-12 Action Group - Highlights to date

2020 was a year of Engagement and Impact:

  1. Mobilizing Science Education At Home: STEM Kits, #100Kits100Lives Challenge (Ongoing Campaign)
  2. (May 15, 2020 - present), UNA Atlanta LEAD - Partnering with RCE Greater Atlanta.

    • Phase 1 of STEM Kits Challenge: Distributing 23 STEM Kits and lunch boxes (donated by Doruk Beduk) to students at Indian Creek Elementary School (October 21, 2020).
    • See the YouTube video created by Adam Nykamp ( STEM Educator at Indian Creek Elementary School) to recognize our partnership for the STEM Kits. Please give your feedback or let us know of any other suggestions you would have. We look forward to our continued conversations about STEM, SDGs, and partnering opportunities in the new year.
  1. UNA Atlanta FREE STEM Quest LIVE Show with TWIN Science & RCE Greater Atlanta K-12 Action Group (November 21, 2020). UNA Atlanta LEAD
    • This project will be modified and led by UNA Atlanta Youth Leads in 2021.
  1. Sustainable Coffee Talk 1: The Pandemic's Impact on K-12 Education: Challenges and Opportunities After COVID-19
  2. (RCE Greater Atlanta K-12 Action Group) (July 30, 2020). UNA ATLANTA Partnership

  3. International Youth Day: The Future We Want Video Campaign (in partnership with Mayor's Office of International Affairs, Atlanta Global Studies Center, and RCE Greater Atlanta K-12 Action Group)
  4. (August 13 - September 4, 2020). UNA Atlanta partnership

  5. Sustainable Coffee Talk 2: Advancing Climate Action and Social Equity (RCE Greater Atlanta K-12 Action Group)
  6. (December 2, 2020). UNA ATLANTA Partnership