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Mentorship Program

Business Engagement - RCE Greater Atlanta Mentorship Program

The RCE Greater Atlanta Mentorship Program works to connect students from across the Greater Atlanta area with a variety of mentors from industry, non-profits, and academic backgrounds.

Currently, there are 30+ successful mentorship pairs with students from Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott, Spelman, KSU, and other Atlanta universities. The Mentorship Program is looking for more students from these universities to participate in the coordinating committee to ensure that the program is serving students across Atlanta – email [email protected] if you are interested in recruiting students to the program!

RCE Mentorship Program Presentation. Click to view.


"I have had an extremely positive experience meeting with my mentee. I am so grateful to have been
matched with someone who is open and direct about what she would like to learn from our
partnership. And I've gotten a lot out of our relationship, too! Thank you for all of the work that went
into setting this program up for the RCE."

"I like the flexibility of the program, no complaints. My mentor and I make what we want of it
(e.g. looking into masters of sustainability programs, discussing articles/podcasts on
sustainability topics, etc.)"

“I think it is helpful for mentees seeking to build a network of professional contacts and
just get a better sense of sustainability-related career options.”

Contact Us!

If you have questions about the RCE Mentorship Program, feel free to email [email protected] or reach out to one of the Leads:

Check out the Events Calendar page to stay updated on the latest information on upcoming events.