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The purpose of the UN SDG Pathway for Professional Development Program is to support RCE members in crafting careers that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program was designed with youth members in mind (18-29) and is designed to be flexible, allowing students to customize it to their schedule and interests. Students complete it at their own pace, with numerous options to fulfill the requirements and give opportunities for meaningful engagement around busy schedules.


Upon registering, participants will regularly be sent various opportunities and events that fulfill the requirements, divided into three categories (see table below). A total of 6 points is needed to complete the pathway program . Points are listed in parenthesis next to each option in the table. At least 1 point must be earned from each of the three columns.

After earning a 6 points, at least 1 from each column, participants will write a 2 page reflection about their experience, what they learned and how they developed professionally doing this program. Alternatively, students may present a 5-min slideshow describing their experiences to RCE GA coordinators to practice public presentation.

Participants who complete the program will earn a Certificate of Completion from United Nations University, which will be presented at an in-person ceremony, as well as a digital badge (e.g., to display on LinkedIn). Additionally, several opportunities open up to program graduates, including (but not limited to) RCE SDG Futures Fellowship acceptance for the following year, RCE leadership positions such as Campus Ambassador or Project leads, and permission to apply for travel scholarships to attend for RCE Americas and Global conferences.

Choose any combination of these to total 6 points to complete the pathway! (At least one point from each column is needed)

LEARN about the SDGs EXPLORE your interests EXPAND your network
Attend 2 SDG-related events (2) Join the RCE Mentorship Program as a mentor or mentee (2) Conduct informational interviews with 2+ RCE members (2)
Produce media / SDG related content (1) Attend an RCE Global event or activity (1) Attend or volunteer at an in-person RCE sponsored event (1)
UNITAR Youth & the SDGs Online Course (1) Organize and host an SDG-related event (2) Join the RCE Mentorship Program as a mentor or mentee (2)
Complete an SDG-related internship (2) Complete an SDG related internship (2) Attend a networking-focused webinar (1)
SDG related class (2) SDG related research (2) Attend an RCE Global event or activity (1)
Participate in an SDG-focused webinar (1) Join & participate RCE Greater Atlanta Action Group (1)
RCE Americas Course (1)

Primary RCE Lead:

    William Hargrove, Assistant Director of Student Volunteerism and Service at Kennesaw State University; RCE Coordinator (

“I feel like ___ merits 2 points instead of one!”

Just send us an email asking and we can discuss further!

Can I count past work?

Yes, however only 1 point may be satisfied with the retroactive option. Retroactive: (Past internships/research or classwork) (1) Any past SDG related class or internship can be retroactively applied towards 1 point

Help! I’m unsure if this event/research counts for a category?

If you are unsure about an activity or event counting towards your point totals, email William Hargrove and we can discuss!

How do I sign up?

To enroll in the program, simply register online at [page] and sign up!

Is there a timeline this needs to be completed by?

There is no timeline as to when this must be completed

How do I prove attendance to an event?

A photo (including yourself in the photo) or sign off from the event leader is required as proof of attendance at events. Some events may require a short reflection via Google Form