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RCE Collaborates On New Report Regarding Equity

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From the report:

Drawdown Georgia is inspired by Project Drawdown and funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation (RCAF). It includes a research collaborative whose purpose is to identify the highest potential carbon mitigation strategies for the state of Georgia, while also advancing equity, promoting economic development, improving public health, and nurturing the larger environment.
The Phase 1 research effort was divided across five major categories represented by working groups: electricity, transportation, buildings & materials, food & agriculture, and land sinks. A sixth working group, beyond carbon, examined additional environmental considerations, equity, economic development, and public health across solutions.

Georgia ranks below national levels in terms of diversity, as women consist of only 18.9% of the solar workforce, and 76.6% of the workforce is white (Solar Jobs Census 2019 | Solar States, n.d.). These workforce concerns highlighted at the time of the Phase 1 research were noted for three solutions that are the focus of the current project - rooftop solar, afforestation/ silvopasture, and retrofitting. The Phase 1 research also identified promising approaches to expanding equity-related benefits and mitigating potential adverse impacts for individual solutions.