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The student advisory council for RCE Greater Atlanta will be composed of student government and student organizations at their respective institution, with 1-2 representatives from each participating organization — i.e. campus ambassadors

Our goal is to create a network of students & student organizations striving towards the same goals of advancing one or more of the UN SDGs at institutions in the Greater Atlanta area.
This network will be supplemented by the Student Advisory Council, which will be composed of students and student organization ambassadors across various institutions. In short, student-led councils at each school come together monthly to collaborate on their campus, as well as communicate with RCE Greater Atlanta about what ways they would like to collaborate be it through events, projects, or joining student programs offered by RCE Greater Atlanta.


How does it work? As every institution is different, so will be each Student Advisory Council. A few things will remain constant though.

  • Each institution’s Student Advisory Council will meet at least once a month
  • A head of council will communicate with an RCE Greater Atlanta Coordinator and organize the monthly meetings
  • Councils will have a vice-head that preferably does not graduate in the next year, to help with sustaining the structure
  • The rest of the council will be formed by students representing themselves or representing a student group/organization on their campus
  • Council will communicate on whatever platform they agree upon (Teams, Slack, GroupMe, etc.) and collaborate with other student orgs both at their school and at other schools!
  • Ambassadors should join RCE Greater Atlanta (Sign up here in 10 minutes)

This is a mutually beneficial partnership; Student Organizations get access to a multi-institutional and multi-organizational UN network, as well as the events happening throughout the network all around the greater Atlanta area.
RCE Greater Atlanta gets more college-age youth engagement and a strong network to grow out of at each institution so that we can understand how to best advance education for sustainable development

Campus Ambassador Responsibilities

    1. Join RCE Greater Atlanta
    2. At least one ambassador from each organizations should be present at general meeting
    3. Find replacement ambassadors if you are absent for a semester or when you graduate so there are at least 1-2 current contacts for each institution
    4. Maintain communication with Council Coordinator – typically an RCE student coordinator
    5. Communicate opportunities for collaboration between other member student groups on your campus
    6. Communicate opportunities to your respective organization’s members of RCE Greater Atlanta opportunities
    7. Share resources that are campus-specifics that other institutions can participate in

Time commitment: Expected commitment time is 1-2 hours a month; any further engagement is optional, but encouraged!